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This electric-assist bike packs a beastly 48V13AH LG battery that guarantees an easy time traversing through different terrains.
The LCD display allows the user to choose between 5 different power levels, providing just the right amount of assistance.
The MI5 also comes with a cruising feature that travels at 6 km/hr.
12 month warranty.

• 27.5” alloy battery integrated frame
• Zoom adjustable suspension fork
• 250W Bafang rear motor
• 48V13AH LG battery
• 3 mode LCD display
• LED front light
• Front & rear cover fenders
• Tektro mechanical disc brakes
• Shimano Altus 7 Speed deraillleur
• 27.5” spoke rim w/ 2.1” Kenda tyres


The MI6 electric-assist city bike offers sophisticated design with a long-lasting battery, perfect for urban use. Featuring 5 levels of assistance, the MI6 also comes with a cruise feature at 6 km/hr. Available in black or white.
12 month warranty.

• 700C alloy frame
• Zoom adjustable suspension fork
• 250W brushless MXUS rear motor
• 36V13AH battery
• 3 mode LCD display
• LED front light
• Mechanical disc brakes
• Shimano 7 Speed derailleur
• 700*40C tyres with
  reflective line & spoke rim
• Front & rear full cover fenders

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much does the bike weigh?
A: The MI5 and MI6 weigh 27kgs.

Q: What’s the max speed on this bike? 
A: The MI5 and MI6 provide assistance as long as the bike is under 25 km/hr, as per safety regulations. Once over 25 km/hr, the power supply will cut. Conversely, the power supply will resume once your speed drops below 25 km/hr. 

Q: How do I enter the cruise mode?
A: On the LCD screen, you’ll find three buttons on the left. Press the lower button three times to activate the cruise mode, and three times again to stop cruise mode. 

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery from flat? 
A: About 4 to 5 hours. 

Q: How far can the bike travel on a full charge? 
A: On assistance level 1, the bike can go more than 100 km. On level 5, the battery will last for roughly 70 km. This is assuming the bike is traveling on a flat surface. 

Q: What type of Battery is it?

Q: How to operate the front light?
A: Press the middle button on the LCD monitor to switch on the panel. Then press of hold the top button for 3 seconds. Press again for 3 seconds to turn it off.